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misc - pink shoes

So, it's 6:30am, my brain hurts from studying and I can't manage to sleep so I thought maybe I'd attempt a long overdue LJ post. Can't even remember my last post but I know it was before graduation so it's definitely been a while.

I graduated, obviously. Technically at the beginning of Dec, but the actual ceremony was last night. I decided not to walk since it was snowing on that side of town and it was a week night and just an all around crappy time for a graduation, IMO. Not a huge deal though; I went to the pinning ceremony back in Dec so I don't feel like I really missed out.

Since graduation I have basically been studying for state boards and job hunting. I take boards next Wed, then have my first interview on Thurs. I'm nervous and excited about both but I feel like it will all work out in the end.

It feels weird to be done with school for a while but it's been a nice break too. I've gotten to hang out with my BFF a lot and if course my family. Going a little stir crazy not having a job though so I hope that changes soon.

I've also been missing writing a lot lately so I'm hoping to churn out some fic after I get past boards next week. I was thinking about maybe signing up for a bingo or something. Anyone have a suggestion for a good one going on right now?

Well, I hope everyone's year has started off on a good foot. I'm going to try that sleep thing again and see how it works out ;)

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27th-May-2012 12:30 pm(no subject)
misc - pink shoes

Just realized that I never posted again about the work shenanigans. As it turned out, the DM never showed and everything is basically still the same, which is pretty much as I expected. My boss blows everything out of proportion.

In other news, school started back last week. I'm officially a senior! And, even though it's a lot of work already, I am really enjoying this mother/baby class so far. Makes me even more sure that l&d is the area I want to work in.

Unfortunately the workload does have some drawbacks. We have our first test AND an all day lecture this Tuesday. ON MY BiRTHDAY. Not cool. But the fam is out of town until Wed anyway so at least I won't be spending the day alone I guess. I think the whole situation is making me kind of depressed about my bday, though, honestly :P

Have the day off to study today so I better get to that before its time to meet my study group this afternoon. Let's hope I don't celebrate my bday by failing the first test, lol.

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cook - biting finger
Title: For Worse or for Better
Author: courts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1027
Pairing: Dave/Neal friendship, mentions of Dave/Archie
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title stolen from a line in an Andy Grammer song.
Summary: Dave isn't having a very good birthday so Neal comes over to hang out.
Notes: I was feeling like writing some mopey!Dave tonight for some reason. I didn't really start out with a plan so it's a little rambly but whatever :P


For Worse or for Better
14th-Dec-2011 11:21 pm - Fic: Sugarhigh, Rated PG-13
empire records - lucas
Title: Sugarhigh
Author: courts
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary A day in the life of the crew at Empire Records.
Word Count: 23,732
Pairing: Dave/Ryan, Andy/Archie, Neal/Alexis, Kris/Cale
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Once upon a time I made up a little challenge for myself to write a story for the first five songs I got on iTunes shuffle. And Coyote Shivers' Sugarhigh from Empire Records turned out to be one of the songs I got. Then my "drabble" grew to over 20,000 words. Oops. I figured I should finally post it :P
Thanks: A million thanks to celtic_fish for beta reading :)


what's with today, today?
9th-Dec-2011 06:59 pm - Fanfiction Index
andy - up late reading fanfic
Updated 8/6/2011

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14th-Oct-2011 09:25 pm - Fic: Wednesday, 1/1, Rated NC-17
cook - cupcakes not war
Title: Wednesday
Author: courts
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary From the Wonder Boys universe;
Word Count: 2403
Pairing: Dave/Kris/Lee
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is for the "sleeping in" square on my domesticbingo card.


14th-Oct-2011 01:53 pm - Fic: Test Drive, 1/1, Rated PG
krale - don't fuck with us
Title: Test Drive
Author: courts
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title and cut lyrics belong to .
Summary Kris goes looking for a new car and winds up finding a lot more.
Word Count: 1415
Pairing: Kris/Cale
Rating: PG
Notes: This is for the "new car" square on my domesticbingo card.
Thanks: to celtic_fish for reading this for me :)


test drive
14th-Oct-2011 01:34 pm - Fic: Car Wash, 1/1, Rated PG-13
ai9 - haulin oates otp
Title: Car Wash
Author: courts
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary Tim finally gets around to doing a chore he's been avoiding and Casey finds that he quite enjoys the view.
Word Count: 754
Pairing: Tim/Casey
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This is for the "washing the car" square on my domesticbingo card.


he hadn't really thought anything of it when Tim had answered, 'washing the car'
r star - soup
Title: Here Comes My Girl
Author: courts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 843
Pairing: Artie/Kelly
Disclaimer: Not true. This is just some crap I made up. Song belongs to Tom Petty.
Summary: He might forget to mention it sometimes, but Artie knows that he has gotten pretty lucky in love.
Notes: I decided to do this iTunes shuffle meme thing where I wrote a story for the first five songs that came up. This was one of them and I decided to do one in the Waiting For You To Come Around universe and figured Artie and Kelly haven't really gotten much time in the story so I went with them as the focus. Apologizes in advance to the 99.99% of you who couldn’t give a crap about this pairing, lol.
Thanks: to celtic_fish for the beta!


here comes my girl
12th-Oct-2011 07:59 pm - Fic: Detour, 1/1, Rated NC-17
r star - heart shaped sunglasses
Title: Detour
Author: courts
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1572
Pairing: Dave/Ryan
Disclaimer: Not true. This is just some crap I made up.
Summary: Dave and Ryan are always incriminating themselves via Twitter.
Notes: I wrote this a while back, after one of Dave and Ryan's Twitter convos in which they talked about being together and watching one of Gambit's videos. I just embellished a ~little ;)
Thanks: to celtic_fish for the beta!


Please do not let me turn on the news one day to see that you and Neal got arrested for decorating the 405.
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